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Thai Food Culture
Thai cuisine is built around rice. and has no courses like the european cuisines. Rice are generally not to be eaten alone, Thai people have to have something to compliment with it. There are a wide range of dishes to go with rice, but most of them are hot and spicy and this is what Thai food is famous for.
Thai cuisine is based alot on stir fries and has some influence of Indian curries but still have a unique taste of its own. Unlike Indian food, Thai food uses alot of fresh herbs and spices rather than dried ones. As well as herbs and spices "nam pla" is commonly used in most dishes, it is a very aromatic and strong tasting seafood sauce. Most of Thai soup uses a wide range of leaves which gives a characteristic flavour. Their curry paste consists of garlic, galagai, lemon grass and fingerrroot, all mixed with a various types of chillies to give it a distinctive taste. Other typical ingredients include the small green Thai eggplants, tamarind, palm and coconut sugars, lime juice, and coconut milk.